Our Vineyards

Central to our philosophy is that great wines start in the vineyard with thoughtful site selection and quality without compromise. Our goal is to tread softly on the land and to return as much as we use, minimally affecting the natural surrounds and enhancing the soils and environment. 

Our two estate vineyards; Schobers Vineyard and Slate Creek are highly prized sites which display a rich connection with terroir and site selection. The sites cover a total of 245 hectares and sit atop the undulating valleys, prospering in the warmer days and cool nights that Clare Valley is synonymous with.

Schobers Vineyard, Leasingham & Auburn

Our Schobers Vineyard is one of most distinguished red wine producing vineyards in Australia.This extraordinary site has a history of producing highly sought-after grapes and has consistently produced award winning wines, including the Leasingham Classic Clare Shiraz which was awarded the coveted 1995 Jimmy Watson Trophy.

Schobers Vineyard is named afterLouis Howard Schober, who owned the land before it was planted to vines. Affectionally known to the community as ‘Jim’, he was a WWII Veteran and star ruckman for Sturt Football Club, a centurion player in fact, having played 119 games for the club from the early 1940s to 1950. 

Originally planted in 1977, the site was initially dry grown and contour planted, sitting atop the undulating valleys at the southern tip of Clare, spanning 227 hectares. The unique combination of low yielding vines on terra rossa soil, varied aspects which allow for a diversity of planting layouts, and an elevation of 370 metres above sea level all contribute to producing wines of exceptional pedigree.

Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Mataro, Malbec and Riesling thrive on this site, culminating in wines which are rich in concentration, with outstanding regional character and cellaring potential. 

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Slate Creek Vineyard, Watervale

Slate Creek Vineyard was planted by Rob’s parents, Brian and Raelene Stanway over several years from 1974, and is one of the few vineyards that is 100% premium Watervale Riesling.

Spanning 18 hectares with northerly, westerly and southerly aspects, the majority of the vineyard is planted in the old contour style with the addition of foliage lifting wires in recent years. 

Terra Rossa over limestone soil provides expressive flavour and character to the Riesling fruit and the vines have been predominantly dry grown for most of their life, with a small amount of supplemental irrigation added as required. 

In addition to our estate vineyards, we work closely with long-term growers to source specific varietals from unique sites, including Nero d’Avola from McLaren Vale and Montepulciano from One Tree Hill.

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