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We produce wines across four premium tiers: E.B. Gleeson, Partner Series, Piccoli Lotti and Regional Series. Amongst the collections there is a special wine, fit for all occasions to be celebrated and savoured.

E.B. Gleeson

Crafted only in exceptional vintages this collection is a culmination of the very best in viticulture and winemaking. Small parcels of exceptional fruit are carefully selected from our iconic vineyards including the distinguished Schobers Vineyard. 

Fastidious attention to detail is dedicated to these flagship wines which are deeply expressive with regional integrity and display impeccable balance and finesse. The collection exemplifies the heritage of Clare Valley, whilst crafted in a contemporary style. 

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Partner Series

Coming soon.

Piccoli Lotti

Piccoli Lotti showcases small-batch, new wave Mediterranean and European varietals. The wines are hand crafted with minimal intervention, to gently guide carefully chosen fruit into an honest wine of individual character and intrigue.

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Regional Series

The Regional Series celebrates fruit driven, soft and approachable wines. The wines are released early when they are bright and fresh and are best suited to casual, everyday occasions to be enjoyed with food, family and friends.

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