Our Story

Crafting fine, expressive wines from Clare Valley that reflect our sitesterroirand personality.

Kirrihill is a boutique winery cultivating fine wines that capture theterroirof South Australia’s Clare Valley. Founded in 1998 by long-time friends and locals, Sean Edwards and Rob Stanway, who shared the aspiration to grow and craft wines of outstanding quality and internationally recognised distinction.  

Our focus is on the pursuit of growing the best quality fruit possible, whilst managing the vineyards sustainably and respecting the individual sites. The micro-climates within the three small valleys that make up the Clare Valley region provide our winemakers with a diversity of fruit selections to produce expressive wines of purity and intrigue, particularly aromatic Rieslings, which speak profoundly of their place. 

Sitting atop the ‘Golden Mile’, a stretch of rareterra rossasoil, our highly prized Schobers Vineyard is one of the most distinguished red wine producing vineyards in Australia. Contour planted on rolling hills at the southern tip of Clare Valley, Schobers Vineyard has consistently produced Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon wines of great complexity, which are rich in concentration with distinctive Clare Valley character. 

With the commitment to crafting wines of exceptional quality, we have been honoured with over 500 accolades both domestically and internationally since our first vintage in 2000. Ultimately though, we craft wines that we love to drink and share.