Clare Valley

Our home, Clare Valley is a truly distinctive and pristine region that produces internationally recognised wines from every vintage.  

Nestled in the northern Mt Lofty Ranges, South Australia’s Clare Valley is a boutique wine region with a distinguished reputation for its world-class Riesling. Clare was settled in the late 1830s by Irish settler E.B. Gleeson, with the first vineyards planted and wines produced in the early 1840s. The region features a higher altitude than most wine regions in South Australia, with many vineyards situated at 400-500m above sea level. 

Clare Valley’s climate is continental and features warm to hot summers, and cool to cold winters, resulting in considerable temperature variations from day to night. The cold nights, elevated sites, and unique soils, allows for cool ripening in the fruit, helping to retain natural acidity, which contributes to the regions success with Riesling. In recent years Clare winemakers have demonstrated the diversity ofterroirby introducing new wave varietals to the region. 

The region is divided into five unofficial sub-regions: Clare, Sevenhill, Watervale, Polish Hill River and Auburn, each reflecting the variousterroirof the valleys, soils and altitudes. Clare Valley features eleven different soil types, including terra rossa and ancient sedimentary soils, which are the perfect combination for growing Riesling, along with equally exceptional Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon; a unique viticultural trilogy.